Classes will begin the week of September 14, 2020 and end on Friday December 11, 2020

All Dance School classes will be held via Zoom for the Fall of 2020 and we have modified the schedule to allow time for students to arrive home after dismissal from school at 3:30.

For grades K-5, we will offer two meeting options per week and the classes will be a combination of dance genres incorporating age-appropriate dance technique and choreography, along with strengthening and flexibility training. These classes will be 45 minutes in length.

For grades 6-8, we will offer three classes: Tap, Ballet and a Jazz/Lyrical combination class. These classes will be 45 minutes in length.

All classes are subject to cancellation if registration is low.
You will be billed through your BMS account after the first week of classes.

• One Class a week: $180 (full price)
•Two classes a week: $165 each class ($330 total for session)
•Three classes a week: $145 each class ($435 total for session)
•Four classes a week: (most likely for those with more than one child in the program): $120 each class ($480 session)
•Five classes a week: $100 each class

Dancers will not be required to wear a specific uniform for the Fall session but will be asked to wear leggings and a tank top or t-shirt for their dance classes.

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Teaching and taking dance classes via Zoom can be a challenge and, of course, we want to make it a fun and safe experience for all! Please be sure that your dancer has ample room to move, is dancing on a safe flooring surface, does not have too much furniture around them so as to avoid bumping into it and is not eating during class. And, while it may seem obvious to us, please remind your dancer that it is not safe to dance on top of tables, chairs, beds, sofas, etc.

Classes will be taught using zoom which most are quite familiar with by now. For safety purposes, we typically require a waiting room for classes and, therefore, if your dancer is late to class, the teacher may not see that they are in the waiting room as we are often standing and teaching further away from the screen to notice so please allow ample time to log in to class. Late dancers may not be admitted to class.

While younger students may need some assistance logging in and staying on task during class, for our older students, it is preferable that family members allow students the time and space to participate in class independently with minimal interruption.